The art of tuning pianos always needs the hands of an expert. This musical instrument is one of your pride, possessions and you will not want to get it tuned by anyone and everyone you come across the street. You would only be looking to avail the services of a professional and trained tuning expert. Such a professional, is not just qualified but also can work on all the different models and makes of pianos. If you feel that the sound of the musical instrument is out of pitch, then it needs tuning. It is better to get a tuning expert to fix sooner than later. A timely maintenance will help you to keep the instrument in perfect working condition for long.

The following are the tips that you need to consider when hiring an expert.

Repairing tools

The most important thing that you should check when choosing a choosing piano repair expert is to see whether or not e has the right tools to work on the instrument. There is a range of mechanical tools that the experts will be carrying when they are called on to tune. The experts must be able to work on all kinds of pianos lime grand, square or upright ones. Some of the common tools in the expert’s tool bag will be a tuning fork, tuning hammer, tuning lever and different kinds of mutes. If there are any complications in working on the instrument, then the service expert must be able to get the required tools soon to carry out the work on the instrument.

Pre-assessing the instrument

One of the best ways to identify a skilled in working on pianos is to see whether or not he does a pre-assessment of the instrument before carrying out the tuning process. Most of the popular piano repair experts will do a study of the instrument free of charge. This will help the expert to determine the kind of work needed and whether there would be any additional costs involved in getting the musical unit repaired. He will be able to find the strings that need to be tuned with the help of the damper. The loose and the healthy strings will be muted and then secured. The condition of the wood that is holding the strings will also be assessed. Make sure that you ask the expert the complete breakdown of his analysis. This way you will have a clear picture about the estimated cost of carrying out the repairing job on the instrument.

Experience and insurance

It is ideal for you to only opt for a certified and experienced service provider to work on your instrument. A professional service, expert would also have taken insurance to cover all the eventualities including the public liability and professional indemnity.


If you need pianos to be tuned, it is better to hire a qualified expert than doing it yourself.