This can be your field of work or a passion that you have. You can either hire a company to help you out or create own content and show to the world of your potential. When you go into the subject area of filmmaking you have to understand that there are inherently three different stages that need to sorted out and taken care of for you to receive a final product. All the different stages come with its own challenges and usually tend to differ depending on the size of the project that you are starting to do. If you are thinking of going larger scale then there are separate teams allocated to take care of each stage, but if you are doing it on your own then all three stages must be taken care of by you. Given below are the different stages.

Script writing

This stage is known as the pre-production and during this particular stage takes place all the planning and analysing before making use of any type of camera rolls. The process does not have a stipulated time period to complete in. depending on the size and the visuals it can take days or even months, and it is during this stage that the vision of what the project must be like is set in place. This stages involves the searching of the right cast members to fit characters as well as looking for different locations to shoot the scenes at. Make a storyboard for yourself and list down how you want the video to go and it’ll in turn help in keeping your thoughts organized rather than being flustered.


Once all the footage that matches all the scenes in the script if recorded is when the actual film production in Singapore begins. This is the stage in which all the things that was sorted out and thought of in the previous stage is brought to life and put in front of your eyes to see the walking talking proof. The ways in the sets have to be lit up, the way the frame carefully center all the characters and how the composition is going to be is decided during this stage. While shooting during this stage there will also be additional footage taken that will finally be added to the final product for further viewing pleasure.


This stage starts once all the footage has been shot and you are satisfied with the content that you have been able to capture. During this film production stage all the additional items can be added, for instance, the dubbing, background music, special effects and more. If you have hired a company to do the things for you then there may not be as much of learning curve as opposed to doing everything yourself. This final stage will be the last step taken towards making all the finishing touches to the video project and help everything blend together and come to life beautifully.

Depending on how small or large the production is, you can make several changes and edit things out to be able to give it a polished and professional look overall. Is the project is of a small scale with one actor then it can be enhanced to make it look fuller and be blended to give a cutting edge look. Large projects on the other hand can be shot at multiple locations, giving you more footage and the ability to be able to freely edit and have a combination of different scenes in order to open the film up to the audience.

Follow these simple guides and you will be able to put a brilliant video project, big or small, which the audience will appreciate and enjoy.