This revolution takes us many number of decades back where the emergence of computers took place. Along with the emergence of computers did the need of storing data arisen. As a result people had to develop faster and more reliable sources for storage of data where the journey started off with a magnetic tape. This went on to a floppy disk which thereafter developed to a CD or rather DVDs. This was one era of storage devices which ended in the mid-2000s. Thereafter emerged the so called flash memory which provided the user with the ability of instantly writing and accessing data stored in a flash or rather in a click of button. This era was initiated by flash drives which later developed in to portable hard drives as well. However, this revolution will be discussed in detail as follows.
The Early Stages
In the early stages storage was a much of a difficult task. Not because people really had much information to store but even the littlest requirement was difficult to be fulfilled. However, back in the day what people used for storage was magnetic tapes, computer embedded hard drives, CDs and DVDs. Unlike today’s solid state drive or a flash drive, it was quite of a process to store data and information. However, the increasing need of convenience and increasing busy routine demanded more and more easy ways of doing things which as a result contributed to the emergence of other developed technologies.

Emergence of Instantaneous Memory
This was the era where DVDs and CDs started its decline while the emergence of social media, internet, and flash memory became famous among the society. This type of technology became much popular in present era due it’s suitability of the surrounding technological advancements such as the internet revolution, social media, software and gaming capacity etc. In other words, instant memory or rather flash memory went hand in hand with other technologies which could support each other. E.g. the flash memories now a days possess a huge memory capacity which are required by present day games and software for portability. As a result, the use of a solid state drive, flash cards and flash sticks became popular in the present day society.
It became a necessity for every kid around the corner, for every businessman, for every student engaged in any type of studies, it has become a necessity to everyone who is tech savvy enough to use an ordinary computer or a laptop.
This revolution of storage will continue to evolve until the world reaches a point where storage will become invisible and intangible and simply convenient as much of a click of a button. The world is getting there at the moment, although someday it will get the completely.