If you have been working full time all your life, you have probably noticed that most of the difficult work in your office or company is done by the employees while the company itself reaps the benefits of it. As an example, in a software management or web design company, the owner of the company will not be very tech savvy and will not know much about software design, software management or even web design but will have a number of talented workers working under him for a nominal salary. The owner of the company will then reach out to other companies and offer these services at very high figures and have the team do the work for a wage that is not even one tenth of what the company earns from the entire project. If this realization has motivated you to step out of the system and start your own company where you can get rid of the middle man and reach out to companies yourself with your services, then you are indeed on the right track to starting your own company. If you are interested about ecommerce pos system you can visit this site http://www.commgate.net/pos/.

Set up a business plan

It is important however that as a person starting a company, you are wise enough to do so on the basis of a solid business plan. It is vital that you do not leave your company without a plan. You will need to have a list of all the companies that you can approach as well as a basic idea on the amount of money that is involved with having your own company. If you are unable to afford to pay a lot of staff, a good alternative would be to invest in an erp system in Singapore to manage all the back end work and the back end statistics for your new company.

An erp system is not likely to cost too much money and will certainly cost less than it would cost to pay a team of people to manage all the back end work for your company. You will however need to hire a number of staff or you can even team up with a few friends as partners in this new company.

As an example, if you are starting a software management company, you will need to have software management as well as web designers to help with your business. Alternatively however, you can choose to outsource the web design work to free lancers when you have work so that you will not need to commit to a monthly salary in case you do not have enough of money in those first few months of your business.