When you are in a new relationship, it is always exciting and thrilling especially when it comes to sex. Experiencing new together times and the whole act of exploring each other in bed can be rush that only few things can ever give you. Relationships needs time to build compatibility and trust. In a perfect relationship your sex can be awesome and your compatibilities can be perfect.

However, on the other hand after sometimes sex starts to feel and get repetitive. This can make you feel bored and start to lose interest on your relationship. But if you are in a relationship that been going on for while you need to find new ways to spice up your sex life before it becomes boring and repetitive. Spicing up your bedroom life will keep it interesting and give it more excitement. Having sex with your partner may feel great but to make it better you can now get more innovative in bed with the person you love and understand completely. But you need to understand even though we live in a kinky world and what one couple may live and work out for them may not work for us or another.
You can now find your own ways to get intimate and excite each other in bed. However, crazy, kinky or taboo it may look as long as it works for both of you and you enjoy it and it does not affect your relationship, then it does not also matter about anyone else’s thoughts or negativity because you have nothing to lose or fear. Generally all partners in a relationship want to find a way after sometimes to ramp up their bedroom life; it is rare to find someone who does not want to. There are many surprising ways to improve your life in the bedroom from liquor to sexy toys for grown ups. This will help add sizzle to your boring or monotonous bedroom life.
A few ways you can spice up your bedroom life are:
-Tease each other with surprising kisses and caressing-Act like you’re having an affair with your partner -Role play in bed -Act like teens by hanging out in places used to and make out like teens too. -Get sexy things into your bed like a sex toy, lubes, etc. -Make sex an unpredictable impromptu act -Add more foreplay -Be innovative and flirty -Bring each other’s wildest fantasies alive -Surprise each other sexually -Sensual massages -Have tantric sex -Go on a sexy holiday now and then. -Sexy texts and calls -Wear sexy outfits