Out of all the dangerous and risky jobs in the world, working on oil rigs tops the chart. Wherever you work you need to be educated and alert on the safety precautions and tips to practice. This is for your own good and for others own god as well. The point is there are so many ways in which accidents can occur when you are working in oil rigs starting from malfunctioned machines to your own faults. So, we came up with some tips that will help you to be safe from all those unexpected surprises.

Get to know what you are working with

Before you start work, normally you are trained on how to operate different machines. Knowing how to operate them will keep risks away from you. Many accidents occur due to inexperienced people trying new machines without proper observation and monitoring. So, if you are the person in charge of your crew, then make sure the people who are most experienced in operating machines handle the heavy machines instead of giving them to people who don’t know. Stick to the machines you have been trained one whether it’s a gun drill machine or another one, and if asked to operate another asked an experienced operator to show you the right way of handling it. Never operate without training.

Know what’s happening around you

Staying alert is always the best precaution because it only takes several second for an accident to happen. Keep your distance from flying, falling and moving objects. Also being alert will help to protect others from terrible accidents as well. Learn all the safety tips while you are in the training program so this will make a foundation for you. As we said, this is one of the dangerous jobs but you still can survive if you are on alert and well educated about the different accidents that can happen.

Machines that need replacements and repairs

As machines can denote too many accidents that happen when working even in a construction site, it’s important you stay alert on the machines that need repairs and replacement. If a machine is not functioning well like it used to then it’s no point trying to dig deep to its problems. Inform the person in charge or your boss about this and get the machine repairs of replaced. Also let others know that the machine is out of order before they try and use it. 

Safeguard yourself

Whether you are working in a construction equipment site, as a technician or even on oil rigs there are specific protective gear you need to and have to wear. This will keep a bay all these different accidents and specially protect you even if an unexpected accident happens. Some of this gear includes protective goggles, gloves, face protection and respiratory protection. Make sure that this gear is also made up to protective standards and health condition qualities.