This story is about the achievement of our family owned business. Which was started in 1946 and now a large scaled business operation with a turnover of US $ 40 Million and an employee base of more than 190. We are B & G Manufacturing and in to manufacturing of industrial machineries and components.
We have a proud experienced history which runs over more than 60 years. But our journey was never so easy and smooth. Most of our entrepreneurs leave behind their worthy business ideas due to lack of resources and unawareness of new technology. But you should not actually just give up your precious business dreams like that. That is why we are sharing our story with you. Our nature of business or the industry is a challenging one. Always sensitive for innovative resolutions. If we can’t cater our customer’s requirement today, tomorrow he will not be ours anymore.

When the time goes on we felt little breakdowns in our business operation. Because most of the time we were relying on a manual documentation system. We realized that our infrastructure facilities were not efficient and effective enough to cater our customers’ demand and the expansion of our business. Moreover, we were within a rigid structure. This is a business we sacrificed most of our precious moments and our prime objective is to watch it grows and blooms. Therefore, we wanted to quickly overcome these drawbacks and start over.
We went for a SAP consulting firm. Informed our current situation and background. Presented them a brief of our organizational process and practises. The best answer we ever received, “Sure we can help you out Sir. It is a simple matter at all.”
This SAP consulting firm provided us a detailed presentation of the whole process. They took our attention on the basic mistakes and failures that a company face in their operations and how this integrated system can fine tune those. It was quite amazing that they were highlighting the same loop holes which we had.
Indeed, they showed us as this is a giant implementation to the whole company and the employees, the process should be staggered in phase wise and introduced step by step. Because without the cooperation of our operational employees we all knew that we could not make it through. Staffs were given training and inductions and departments were systemized.
When we were at the final phases, all realized that this is it. What we wanted. Now we all work happily, without an unwanted pressure in our heads and also meet our KPIs more soundly thanks to them.