If you are currently planning your family vacation and you are looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, you may want to consider taking your family on a trip that is completely different from anything that they have ever experienced before. Most families will usually take a short holiday within their own country to relax and simply enjoy themselves, however, once in a while, it is every parents duty to take their children to a place where they will not only have the opportunity to relax, but where they will also have the opportunity to learn of different cultures and live a few days in a country completely unlike their own.
Vacation options
There are many places that you can consider taking your family to, but one of the most interesting places that your family will ever visit is the beautiful country of Burma. Burma holidays do not cost that much because they are very much aimed at religious folk who are looking to go on pilgrimage, however there is so much more to Burma than that. Burma is known for its religious significance as it is home to some of the world’s most noted and beautiful Buddhist temples however it is also the perfect place for a holiday for non-religious folk.

Burma holidays are known for their serene and comforting nature as you will be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of Burma.
Things to see and do
There are many things to see, do and learn in Burma and it will be an extremely important educational experience for you and your kids. Many of the places to see in Burma have an amazing history and a beautiful story behind them and will mostly be of religious significance. Some such places are the Ananda Temple, Shwedagon Pagoda which is also an ancient Buddhist temple and Taukkyan War Cemetery which will have a million different stories to tell that your guide will enlighten you about. In addition to this, you will want to visit Botataung Pagoda, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, Sulamanu Temple, Shwenandaw Monastary and the Sule Pagoda. There are also many places of non-religious significance that you will want to visit while you are there such as the Inya lake, kandawgyi Lake Myanmar gems museum and the historical Pindaya caves. You may want to ask your children to take a note book along with them where they will be able to make notes about everything that they have learnt along the way and do a book report about it when they get back home.