It can be funny how things introduced to us as help or an aid to make life easier for us, grows on us and eats up our own identity. For example, when people were supposed to treat money as a commodity to buy or sell things, people are looking at it subjectively and are talking to heart the significance of it. It can be laughed at the fact that money was found to be our help than we being the slave of money. There are other situations where the servant sleeps with your husband and has an affair with ur husband behind your back and later someone else will rub it on your face.

These few scenarios of how our helps can be bad news and bite out our faces. There is another scenario where you will find that your heels which you have spent a considerable amount of money had just killed your own back and gifted you with hip pain. It can be funny to see that the heels that adorned your legs are the cause for the ingrown toenail and several other pains. You can do your own ingrown toenail treatment and help yourself.

You can soak your leg with the ingrown nail in hot water in which salt is added to it. After having it dipped in that hot water long enough, you can make use of lemon. You should gently rub the lemon on your leg and massage the leg.

Try this method for few days, even after that if it does not show any change, you might want to get an appointment with a doctor and check it out. If you find any signs of pus on the nail, you should immediately go to a doctor, before the problem becomes a big issue.

There are other similar things like beds which were supposed to help us get rid of toe pain and other unwanted aches in body. But when we mistakenly sleep in wrong position; we wake up with bad pain in body. It might be argued this is the same with floor but it is not. When we sleep on floor, there will not be much pain and moreover; you will feel refreshed. If you live in one of the countries where it is cold, you might need to cover yourselves in blanket. That way in morning you will not be having a fever or cold or get sick. It is easy to understand that in name of development we have not done any good to anyone.