With the advancement in technology, individuals rely mostly on the Internet and other technological devices. Therefore, whether they want to shop for apparels, make a doctor’s appointment, order food, etc. they go online. Therefore, majority of companies invest a lot of funds on websites. Without an effective company website, you’re customers aren’t going to be able to find you, even if they know the name of the place. Imagine a situation, where you want to try a new meal at a rather newly upcoming diner. You vaguely remember the name and so you type it. However, you aren’t able to get any details or it doesn’t direct you to the website.
Furthermore, if you happen to find it, the content haven’t been updated for quite a long time. These situations might not motivate you to go beyond that and take the trouble to find the map, contact details and so on. Therefore, when you’re creating a website for your restaurant and you wish to optimize the search engine, what should you do? Here are some pointers that you should think over, in order to increase customer views:

 Contact details
An important aspect of a website is, providing clear information about the contact details. These include the delivery hotline, information contact line, email for customer complaints, and so on. It would be better to have these details displayed on each page so that customers could see it clearly.
 Food menu
There are many quality restaurants that have pictures of the menus, but haven’t been updated for a long time. So, once the customers visit your diner, they find that the prices are higher than what was mentioned online. Therefore, you should include all types of menus that you serve such as the following;
– Main dishes- Beverages- Nutritional dishes- Desserts- Appetizers, etc.
 Google map
If the customer is new to the place and is unable to find your place, the first thing they would do it open the GPS. Therefore, don’t forget and is highly important to attach the great location to eat. So integrate this feature into your website so that, it would lead customers right to your business.
 Blog
As mentioned above, at present, since majorities are web users and they are most likely to interact in blogs. Therefore, restaurants should start a blog, giving information about the business, allowing customers to share their views, reviews, pictures and other stories.
The main aim of starting a website is to grab more attention and recognition of customers. As much as this is a great marketing tool, you should design and utilize it efficiently. Or, else it’s not surprising to see hundreds of websites, that doesn’t attract customers, as the company planned. Therefore, don’t focus on the design alone but also pay attention to content, content and more content!