Your batch mate has decided to send you a hamper as part of your Christmas and birthday gift from overseas. She has being telling you that she will be sending this parcel by sea mail and that you need to collect it from the port once it gets there. You as usual tell your batch mate that she is crazy to spend so much money on such a parcel and that she should have brought whatever she wanted to give you when she next visits you.
Popular item
Your batch mate tells you that it is easier to send a parcel through sea mail because with the latest development in technology it is faster, safer and also reliable to send a package through sea mail. She also tells you that all the products she has sent you are safe and you can be sure that nothing will be broken or cracked when it gets to you because she has used foam packaging when wrapping your gifts. She also tells you that this type of product is very popular in her country and many people are using it because they can be sure that these breakable items protected special covering.

Damages and cracks
You tell your batch mate that you were going to suggest that she uses foam packaging when wrapping the products to prevent damage and cracks because this product is popular in your country and is widely used by people who are sending breakable products on a regular basis overseas. You also tell her that you have tried out this product and you are very impressed with the quality and durability of the item because you have not heard of any complaints from anybody so far.
Reputed company
There are many companies that produce this type of products and there are plenty of companies that advertise the product in the market. However if you are planning on purchasing this type of product make sure you go to a reputed company because some companies price their products at lower prices but are also low in quality and durability. So if you use this type of product you can be sure that no matter what type of gift you buy your product will be safe until it reaches its destination no matter where it maybe. If you are lucky you may even come across a company that has special offers on their products because as part of their marketing strategies some companies create awareness among the public by attracting them to the product with a low price. So if you haven’t tried this product yet now is the time to check it out.