Recently, the entire world went through a recession, with the US being the most affected. It made it much harder for people to borrow money. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get a loan on a good rate. It just means that finding people who offer these rates is going to be harder. You are going to have to hunt a little further to get the rates that you need.

One of the biggest influences on the loan rates of today is the Federal Reserve (or its equivalent in countries around the world). However, just because one of the banks has reduced the loan rates doesn’t mean that the rates everywhere are just going to drop. If you can do your research the next time you are getting a bettter rate cash loan you probably will be able to get it than you may have thought possible. There are many things you may need to get a good rate on, such as your mortgage, credit card and student loans.


For the most part, mortgages are of a fixed rate, a little like most of the people you can get a cash loan from in the present day. The influences on the mortgage are the economical state of the country as well as the expectations and criteria set down by investors. Mortgages are typically long term loans, and the rate stays at the same level for a decade or more. This means that the rates won’t be affected by reductions and increases caused by the central banks or any that control the flow of money within the country.

However, there are mortgages out there that are called ARMs, or Adjustable Mortgages. These are much shorter lived than their fixed rate brethren, and are directly impacted by the fluctuations in the interest rates across the board. In order to get the very best rate on your mortgage, you need to prove that you have a stable source of income. This means that you must have worked for a few years at the same employer to show that you aren’t a flighty little thing.

Home equity

Another thing that you can save on are home equity loans. These are usually made in the long term, but some of them actually have adjustable lease rates. The point of one of these loans is that you receive the money upfront and to your hand. All of the money is given to you at once. You have to make a fixed payment back every month for as long as the loan is ongoing.