When your foot is injured, it is going to be a problem that your doctor is going to have some trouble diagnosing if they are only a GP. There is nothing wrong with GPs, of course. It is just that they aren’t specialized enough in the field of podiatry to actually be able to diagnose a condition that is a little more complex than typical aches and pains. If you have a condition that isn’t that hard to diagnose, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have no idea how or where the pain is coming from, you probably need to look for a specialist in order to deal with your problem better.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist, or a foot doctor, is a doctor who specializes in all ailments related to the feet. They know everything there is to know about these amazing machines and are therefore quite well equipped to deal with all the problems. Now, how do you choose a good podiatrist if you have never had one before? It is important that you pick one who is good at what they do. Short of consulting with a reputed podiatry association (which is a very good idea), there are probably some other things that you can do to pick the right fit for your feet.

Referrals are the way to go

One of the easiest way to land a good one is to ask your current GP to refer you to one. One of the perks of having a regular GP is that they are usually friends with, or have contacts in the podiatry association in Singapore as well as a bunch of other medical institutions. Getting a referral from your GP ensures that you get to work with a professional who knows exactly what to do and how to do it. In a lot of cases, this referral might be the only way you actually get to meet one of these doctors.

They are specialists, after all, and they are usually pretty exclusive when it comes to the patient base they maintain. Knowing the type of specialization before asking for a referral is a good idea as well. Some people may need a doctor because of an injury sustained during a sporting event while others might want a treatment that is fast, effective and temporary, such as in the case of an athlete injured during an event who wants to get back in the field and finish it. Different people have different needs. Figure out what exactly it is that you want from your podiatrist before asking your GP to refer you to one.