Having a good meal to complement any function, whether casual or official is a good way to cover up any shortcomings of an event. The truth is that everybody eagerly awaits the food irrespective of the purpose of the gathering. So if the food is unpleasant or if some of the guests did not have enough food their attitude towards the event will be tainted. You will also be paying a significant amount money to your caterer. So it is important to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Decide on what you want

When you look for caterers make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. If you are hosting a small event or a party for kids perhaps catering services will be a good idea. If it’s for a larger group a buffet might be ideal, or finger foods distributed among the guests might allow the guest to enjoy the food and also mingle more with the crowd.

If you want to give your guests a hearty meal, a buffet is probably the best option. However, if you want to provide food only as an incentive for the guests to come then mini buffet catering in Singapore or finger foods might be a better option.

Shortlist a few caterers and contact them

Most caterers have a specialty. They will not provide the best food if you challenge them with something way out of their comfort zone. Ask them what type of events that they prefer to cater to before you give them your order.

The caterer should also be familiar with the setting in which he will have to work. For an instance a caterer that usually works indoors might be put off if he has to do a barbecue. If the event is held at a special venue such as a gallery or a museum the caterer has to be aware of the regulations that they must comply with.

Check if the company is legit

Having a license means that the company has the necessary standards. So you can have a guarantee about the cleanliness and the quality of the food that delivered. If you wish to serve liquor make sure that they have a liquor license. Some caterers may not be qualified to sell liquor although they may not explicitly mention it.

Notice the attitude

The caterer must be pleasant to work with and they must be willing to incorporate special dietary requirements (allergies, vegans or religious requirements) if necessary. Of course there might be an added fee for any changes in the menu. Stay away from caterers who stick to a rigid menu. If you don’t like some of the items on the menu and can do nothing to change it, then you will most likely be disappointed by the output at the final event.

Taste samples

Always better to taste the food before you order, especially if the event is important. There may be an additional fee involved.
After visiting the place and tasting their food, you will have quite a good idea about how interested they are with satisfying your needs. So go with your instinct.