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Well it’s actually become a favorite and most wanted sweet dessert for everyone today. Not to forget they are these days well decorated and regarded as fashionably deserts too. They are today quite a popular desert and will be found in practically every function today. It is chiefly a go-to Parisian snack and quite much in demand amongst people of every age. They are not at all messy in hands and you can simply pop them into your mouth, one after the other. These days they are being now made into whole new, fresh indulging flavors and available easily online.

These are a confection that is meringue based and made of sugar, egg, ground almond along with food flavors. They are normally stuffed with jam filling, butter cream or ganache and are properly kept in sandwiched form. A few of the very popularly found flavors that you would commonly come across are chocolate, coffee, vanilla and a great blend of seasonal flavors.

You can preserve them for about 4 to 5 days however the quicker you consume it, the better would it taste. In case you want to store them, make sure that they are kept in the lower section of the refrigerator and best to serve it within 30 minutes after been taken out from the fridge.