People usually seek the assistance of general practitioners when it comes to consulting the common doctor for everyday miscellaneous sicknesses. A lot of families appoint a family doctor who then takes care of the everyday hum and drum diseases contracted by the family members. On the other hand, what is to be noted is that there are specialists who are assigned for almost every part of the body who are better equipped at dealing with specific illnesses. These doctors are usually referred to by the general practitioner. Despite the fact that it may not be important to know every one of them, it can without doubt prove to be useful to have a little more knowledge with regard to the different types of doctors that are available and what they actually do.


Perhaps the name says it all when it comes to this type of doctor. As with audio, the organ related to it which is the ear is basically the specialty of this doctor. Audiologists work in hospitals, clinics, schools and special offices as well. They work with children who have hearing loss and issues with hearing. This take account of partial deafness and complete deafness as well as children who are mute. These specialists assist the children in their day to day communication and their daily activities apart from communication.


This is one who is trained in the skill of dealing with pregnancy, labor and post pregnancy issue as well as puerperium which refers to the period that follows directly after childbirth. Some people every so often miss the difference between an obstetrician and gynaecologist in Singapore. In addition to the female reproductive anatomy, they can also be well equipped to deal with behavioral problems in females, which is related to human psychology.


There are numerous times when some doctors are specialized as an obstetrician and a gynaecologis. They are experts on the female reproductive system, its diseases, pregnancy and labor. They make available both medical and surgical assistance to their patients. There are some doctors who work in public hospitals as well as private clinics who offer such facilities.


Despite the fact that most people do not know of the existence of a specially trained professional that deals with allergies, there are such people. Common allergies are usually dealt with general practitioners or the doctor in the area which the allergy is concerned with such as skin. These professionals usually deal with allergies such as hay fever or asthma.