Teeth loss can be the one of the most difficult aspects of aging. You won’t feel like your old self and it will pull you back in your day to day activities. Though it is natural, there are many disadvantages of this loss as it affects your quality of life. Here are some of them and how to overcome these problems.

1. Difficulty in eating

You surely must have instances where you have a bowl of peanuts right in front if you that you badly want to eat but you can’t since you don’t have teeth. Well, that’s one of the worst consequences of the loss. It can be painful to eat hard and tough foods as nuts, meat, apple etc. This will affect you diet and overall nutrition since you will miss out on foods painful to bite.

2. Loss of confidence

With a lost tooth you will lose that confident smile of yours. You will feel embarrassed to talk to people and interact. This will largely affect your social life and make you backward at any social gathering. Teeth implants are a perfect solution to keep that glowing smile.

3. Pre-mature ageing

Loss of teeth will make you look much older than you are. Your jaw bone will start to shrink and your face muscles will begin to sag. You will develop sunken cheeks and also your wrinkles around your mouth will be more visible. You can dentures to keep that young look.

4. Damage to remaining teeth

When you have space in places where the tooth is missing, the teeth next to it will have a tendency to move towards the empty space. This will take out the right placing which will cause them to break off. This will give you immense pain so make sure to get best teeth implants done as soon as possible.

5. Gum disease and other illnesses

With a tooth or two missing at places and the remaining displaced, it will become difficult to clean them which lead to gum disease, tooth decay and further teeth loss. Excessive gum disease can even cause heart attacks, so do not let that happen. Teeth that don’t fit together will not bite in sync. This will cause problems in you jaw point and lead to chronic headaches.

To overcome these problems, do not hesitate to do necessary treatments as your jaw point will start to shrink after 3 months of tooth loss. If your jaw bone is lost, it will be hard to do any implants and rectify the problem so don’t wait till the last moment to meet a dentist. Click this link http://www.orthodontic-clinic.sg/our-service/crowns-bridges/ for more informtion about crown dental in Singapore.