If your best friend or brother are going to the next phase of their lives, then you need to celebrate. Although the regular part for the soon-to-be parents is a must and is usually arranged by family, you would need to give something special as the closest person to the new dad. Sometimes picking gifts can be as hard trying to please a girlfriend. So instead of giving something that everyone else will, try to help the new dad in his new phase in life by giving items to help him through the hardships of a baby.

Coffee infusion bottle

One thing that is known by everyone about new parents is their lack of sleep. New parents do not get any sleep, if ever at all. And when the new dad and mom need to go to work in the morning, they need coffee. Coffee infusion bottle by Cold Brew is a great way to help him along with staying awake. He just needs to fill up the bottle at night and it will keep warm when he’s taking it in the morning. There is a sleeve of neoprene that comes with the bottle and it is dishwasher friendly so he doesn’t need to wash it on his own.

Family photography

One of the main items a new dad needs to have on his table is a picture of his wife and kid(s). So if he does not have time, then you need to schedule a Family photography session for them so that they can finally start up the album. This is a great way for them to get started on their record of time together as a group.

Dad’s playbook

Fatherhood or parenthood in general, does not come with a manual. Instead, it a trial and error session that goes onto throughout the whole of life. So to help them get started on how to get it going, get them this book of ‘Wisdom for fathers from greatest coaches of all times’. Although they might not read it, they can keep it in the bathroom for browsing when needed. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of inspiration to get going through the hard times.

Darth Vader and son/ Vader’s Little Princess

For the geek dads this is perfect bedtime story to read to his kids. These illustrated kid’s books have direct references to the franchise so the new dad will have opportunities to get the kids into the whole geek fandoms as he slowly morphs them.

Some other gifts that you can think of handing over the new dad who is always lethargic are hammocks (you can help him set it up too), spit-up resistant clothes (they exist), headphones (to smother out the crying) and other items. Make sure to pick ones that will help him along the journey.