It can be hard at times to find the ideal gift even for personal events, but more so in the professional environment. Offending a long-term client will have adverse effects on your business and working relationship, while upsetting an employee would create unnecessary friction in the office. But by applying more thought and consideration into what you are giving someone it will make all the difference.

Be Culturally Aware

When selecting a gift, try to be more aware of the people in your workplace. As an employer or working colleague you can even find out if something would be appropriate by talking with the person on the receiving end. If it is a loyal client you are appreciating, you can keep things general and avoid something that might insult their beliefs. For example, you can give something general like a pencil holder with their name engraved on it. This also means not giving something with sarcastic or crude humour.

Avoid Leaving Someone out

This is especially important when gifting employees or co-workers. It is understandable that you cannot give everyone expensive gifts, yet there are decent cheap corporate gifts that you can personalised and offers highly competitive prices. But remember that quality is more important than the price. If you only give presents to certain employees only, there is a high chance they will talk to another co-worker which will result in an awkward situation. When it comes to gifting clients, it would be better to give something general that would be suitable for everyone unless you are personally acquainted with them.

Take the Receiver into Consideration

While you cannot please everyone you have think how the recipient will react to your gift. Giving something of low quality can create a negative image for your business values, whether you are gifting an employee or client. Some corporate gift ideas within a budget can include specially engraved pencils, aromatherapy oils or even personalized notebooks which are general and not over personal. Think about what type of gift that you would like to receive and how you feel when someone appreciates your presence. If you are gifting your employees, they would feel more appreciated if you give them something that is inclined with their interests.

The Presentation

Items like gift bags and baskets look quite pleasing to the eye because of the way that they are displayed. Keeping that in mind, the packaging and presentation should look good as well. It would be a nice personal touch if you include small ‘thank you’ cards with the company logo as well when giving the gift.